Secure Your Future Why YOU need a Will or Estate Planning

Few people plan to die in the near future, but if this were to happen without a will, you'll be subjecting your loved ones to confusion and anxiety at an already difficult time. Wills are not just for the wealthy. If you don't control what happens to your property, children, favorite piece of jewelry and so forth, the state does. And that can lead to imperfect and sometimes costly decisions in probate court. To secure your future, a will is not the only necessary document you will need.

Additional Protection
Most of us do not imagine that at some point we will either temporarily or permanently be unable to make decisions for ourselves. Incapacitation planning is essential for any adult, from a college student to a healthy pregnant woman to an aging grandfather. You will find it reassuring to know that in addition to a will you can tell your family and caregivers about the medical treatment you want in a Health Care Directive and direct a person to take care of your financial responsibilities with a Power of Attorney.

Why Do I Need a Will?


Why Wills and Estate Planning are Important for You

I am Married with
minor children

  • Name guardians
  • Create a trust to disperse your assets in the most beneficial way to your children

I am Un-married with
minor children

  • Give direction to court if a biological parent is not a fit parent
  • Name someone trusted to distribute your assets to your children

I am Married with
adult children

  • Protect your spouse because without a will your assets are legally distributed between your surviving spouse AND your children

I am Married
with no children

  • Create tax avoidance structures

I am Single with
no children

  • Designate a charity or loved one to receive your assets through a simple will
  • Advice on titling of assets and beneficiary designations

I have a special
needs child

  • Guarantee that your child’s inheritance would be in addition to any governmental assistance instead of supplanting the assistance they are receiving with a Supplemental Needs Trust

I am in a same sex
relationship or non-marital

  • Pass assets to your surviving partner because the State will not recognize them without a will